The Give Me A Chance Foundation was created by Bo Jackson in 2008.

Bo's outstanding athletic career as a Heisman Trophy winner and prolific two-sport professional athlete are a reflection of his belief in the power of sports to transform lives. After retiring from professional sports, Bo completed his college degree and has become a successful businessman.

His endeavors include senior executive roles as Director of the Burr Ridge Bank & Trust, President of Bo Jackson Enterprises and CEO of Bo Jackson Elite Sports. From the beginning, the cornerstone of Bo's vision was to establish a charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of deserving youth by actively supporting educational and athletic programs that guide minority kids through the challenges of achieving successful personal and professional growth. The driving force behind Bo's dream was to "Give Back"....give back the time, understanding and guidance so many underpriveleged kids never have the chance to experience. The GMAC Foundation has been the driving force to make Bo's dream a reality. Through proper training and interactive programs, GMAC staff have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of deserving children through the participation in sports and related activities. Every Foundation member and supporter is personally driven to develop important character traits and lifelong values in kids that will permanently shape their future.



Name                                                  Title

Werner J. Koos – President...CEO CEP Exhibit Productions, Inc

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Sam L. Clinton – Treasurer...VEJ Holdings, LLC

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• Pete Brown – Board Member 

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• Chris Wilson – Board Member


• Dolores Rinke – Board Member
 • Lewis Livermore – Board Member  

Bo would like to thank our many sponsors - Please support them as they support us

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Bo Jackson Inquiries

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Please contact
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